Upload Policy on App Rank Portal

egulations for uploading applications on App Rank Portal

 As a free global platform, we allow developers to upload their applications for sharing and promotion. However, we have general regulations for developers when uploading their applications, which we refer to as "Regulations for uploading applications."

 Platform allowances:

Currently, we only allow the following platforms to operate on our website:

• Android

• iOS

• Windows

• Mac

• Linux

 Application allowances:

Through authentication and transparency, we only allow the uploading of applications that have been approved by the platforms listed above. What does this mean?

For example, if you want to upload your iOS application, this means that the application has been approved by the App Store (available on the Apple Store system). The same applies to other platforms without any exceptions.

 When will the application be removed?

We apply methods to remove your application on App Rank Portal as follows:


1. If your application is removed by the platforms, your application will also be removed on App Rank Portal.

2. You abuse the platform. By some method, you deliberately create many external links pointing to your application to improve your ranking on Google or Bing search engines. This is considered a violation of the policy, and the application will be permanently removed without notice.

>> If you want to improve your search ranking, please refer to the "best method on App Rank Portal."

3. The application is reported by users as harmful/fraudulent. App Rank Portal staff will immediately check when receiving a report. If your application exhibits inappropriate behavior, it will be removed.

4. The application will be continuously updated. If you do not upload it but the application is still available on App Rank Portal, you have the right to request its removal.